Everything and Nothing At All….

Jealousy is a bitch!
…. life is work people…. sex is easy! But, hell if jealousy doesn’t end up winding itself in and tying me up like a little bitch!

then there is the borderline in me…
she’s a bitch too. oh, she’s a mean little bitch!
and when Jealousy and Borderline get tangled… 
ohhhh… look out! Shit storms start happenin’

I’ve had a lot of GREAT feedback the last couple of days from people who I consider friends. I do want to take it easy and just enjoy the ride but, Jealousy crops and and I am F-U-C-K-E-D, screwed! I don’t want a serious relationship with anyone – OK – maybe eventually… but I am relationship retarded (and I do know how to use that term correctly)! I just can’t handle the energy it would take to work on one right now.

I just think that sex should be easy and somehow I even fuck that up. Uh???  Who does that? This girl

Right now, I just want my friends to know that I see the light out there… but there is struggle for me.. Borderline likes the fight… and loves the sex. There’s no doubt. But, ME… I like not having to struggle and I feel that. I feel the smile you send me, Sammy :). I hear you t.dot!  I will enjoy, if I can just not struggle through the Jealousy of the aftermath.

……….. don’t think too hard, dig too deep, read between the lines. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Everything and Nothing At All….

  1. acquiescent72

    Ummm….I read this post as “Fucking up fucking”, is that bad?
    You are still good in my book and you don’t face judgment with me, just make sure you can be happy with the decisions you make…who gives an eff about anything else?!?!?!

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