Girl you’re worth it… in all this Toxicity of life!

Missing Peace

I have never felt worth anything. With that said, the last 8 days of my life have been rather interesting. People are mean. I have said that. I will stand by it. I will die by it. I used to believe that it was just the bitches that were mean. But, no. Boys also suck. Not just because they want some. They are just as caddy and mean as women. They want control and when they can’t have it… look the fuck out!


I think Therapy Man has been earning his keep because I survived a barrage of bullshit from both men and women this week. This wasn’t just caddy shit. One of the men was attacking me at my job making serious accusations about me with students AND I DIDN’T lose it! In 25 years of teaching NOT ONCE have I EVER been accused of inappropriate behavior with a…

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