I won’t tell. I promise.

2015-04-06 16.09.25_resized

you are breaking me, still… 
wherever you are out there
still taking Peaces of me
did you know you were suppose to stop? 

you told me we were playing a game
I didn’t know the rules
didn’t know this game would last forever
what a good girl I have been

it’s ok though.
I won’t tell.
I promise.

I understand. I really do.
just put me back now. That’s all I ask. 
put my Peaces back together.
I need them, you see… 
I’m trying to figure it all out

It’s ok.
I won’t tell.
I promise.

you can leave the light off
I know my way around this game
I will quietly take my clothes and….
No, no. Please don’t touch!
really, I can do it myself
…and I won’t tell them you were here
none of you…

I promise…

2 thoughts on “I won’t tell. I promise.

  1. Heartfelt poem, It makes me feel your pain. Beautiful song. Jami, my prayer for you is that you can feel the peace of God that passes all our understanding for just 5 minutes today. Then tomorrow for ten minutes and the next day……My heart goes out to you. xo

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