Picking me apart like I’m some appetizer at some bullshit party that no one gives a shit about…

So he tells me… I’m either a doormat or a bitch.

He says there’s nothing in between.  “Gotta find that in-between, Jami.” That’s what he says. If I want to be successful?  Successful?  Whaaaat? It’s not a fucking game? What the fuck?

Good to know though… should I finally decide to open back up for business. Seriously? What?

Whatever… I hate Indiana!

7 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. You are NOT a doormat or a bitch! You are brilliant, beautiful and the mother to the coolest hound besides my own!!!!!!

    I love you and if I could kick that asshole’s face in for you, I would. (Sorry if I offend anyone with writing about my violent impulses, but I can’t pretend they don’t exist…)

    Be GOOOOOD to yourself today, my friend.

    1. 🙂 thank you Sweet Pea 🙂 it was actually my therapist who said it. Lol. Trust me I want to kick his ass lots also. You aren’t offending anyone on my site… well, doubtful anyway. 🙂 love you and your furry daughter very much! Kisses!

  2. whatev!!! therapist huh…gotta wonder at that kinda logic..hope he’s helping and encouraging opportunity for your growth. sounds like an ass…but as my blog states lol I have ‘opinions’ on the whole mumbo jumbo voodoo shrink crap ! hugs baby xo

    1. Ive worked with him since ’99. He had his point and he made it… lol. There are times when I’m not sure whethee I’m comin or going for sure. But, I do always know that he is encouraging growth. Which is fucking hard. For sure! Hugs to you! Xoxo!

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