Naming the Storm

One word.

The Worst.
That’s your name.
Such a painful Storm.

But wasn’t it fun?
To see me again?
Feel me again?

I thought we’d both grown up.
After all…
It was you who said it was time.

Were you just desperate?
Ah, was she not giving it up?
Roll in and take it from me instead?

Sorry, you can’t hide the feelings anymore.
If you were just desperate
you’d have been back by now for more.

You’d take it again and again
But you can’t
I know that too well.

It’s ok, neither can I…
So I’ll just name you
and get it over with

9 thoughts on “Naming the Storm

    1. Just so you are clear. Read my comment. I wasn’t comparing. Something about your poem made me think to write mine. And while we are being clear I won’t make the mistake again joking around about “great minds”. How could I possibly think you could stoop to my level. Fuck Off

  1. Oh honey, I’m coming back to this post to catch up on all your stuff and read the comments – I’m so sorry. Fuck. I wish I was rich and could fly you, me, Bailey and Lucy and a few other cool friends to Hawaii (we’d bribe whoever we’d need to bribe to lift the 2-week-long dog quarantine rule – if they can do it for Obama, they can do it for us, dammit) and just chillax.


    1. Oh Sweet Pea… Yeah, he’s an ass… I’m assuming you are referring to the fine gentleman who specifically posted his poem here and then … yeah… nvm. Good writer tho. It’s whatever, like I said. I think I “made it clear”. Can I borrow your video LMAO.. Oh, I love you Dy 🙂 Hawaii would be a wonderful place to go FO SHO!!! Fuck ’em all!


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