and then the Anger will come…


She can sit in this mess.
She can and she has. 

Sitting in the bottom of this fish bowl
as the storm swirls above her

Tears waiting to rush out
Oh, God Damn…

Then the anger will come.
The problems will start… 

The fight unbelievable
Who wins out in the end?

She will name yet another storm
and one more scar to go with it

She wants them to go
Or needs them to go.

And, they will go.
It’s the right thing

Come and go…
Come and go…

Like the waves of the ocean,
Such a beautiful concept really

Such a dangerous adventure
What’s his name this time, beautiful girl?

4 thoughts on “and then the Anger will come…

  1. Sweetie, I read this days ago and I wanted to comment back then but in my ADD way I got distracted…so I am finally getting around to doing it now. I read ALL your posts. I suck at writing comments at all my beloved blogs, but at least I can press the silly “like” button thing so you know I was there!

    And after I read this poem, I thought, “Wow – Jami is truly an incredible writer.” You ARE. (I usually hate “poetry” but this post got me.)

    Don’t get me started on who has really captured my heart in your blog, though : B A I L E Y!

    I want happiness for you SO SO SO SO SO bad, dammit!
    You’ve been through enough shit. It’s time for something good for you. Please keep writing…keep letting it out. I want to know about it.

    Much love, Dy

      1. Thank GOD that you guys made it through – that’s so so so good. Gives me hope! Smooches to your pooch – I don’t care where that adorable nose has been ! 😉 Love you both!

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