Every breath you take

Don’t care about them!
Don’t worry about them!
Don’t look at them!
Don’t listen to them!
Stop! Just stop now!
They don’t matter.
You are reading into things that
Do NOT EXIST my girl.
Please just stop!

And that’s a bunch of Shit!
Every step,
every look,
every gesture

You are just a little puppet. Aren’t you?
Nothing genuine about about you?
And with no one here to pull you’re strings
You can’t preform. You’re lost!
Without preforming you can’t exist.

When I was playing I existed.
I pulled my own strings.
My fingers knew where to go.
I knew the music and it knew me.
It was the only thing that didn’t need
permission to exist my body.

And you walked away.
from it because you weren’t perfect.
Because you let them believe you weren’t perfect.
Always because of how they see you.
But no one is talking…
No one saying anything… they aren’t looking.
Just stop!

They see me all of they time, you know?
I feel exposed all of the time. I can feel it.
They are staring at me, you know, all of the time.
Without permission.
But maybe they will pull my strings.
You are right. I can’t exist without them.
So, in a way, I have to take that chance.

They aren’t staring, Jami.
No one sees you.
Not the way you think.
Stop sweet girl.
No one is trying to pull your strings.
You want that for yourself. Just stop.
Stop now.

No one is there, Jami. Not the way you think…..
Just stop, poor girl. Just stop before you get hurt.


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