The good news is the bad news..


I’m still working on the good news part of this… problem with me is that it does matter. It matters so damn much to me that I will give every last bit of myself to make you like me.  And, I’m not picky either. You can be a complete piece of crap and if you don’t like me I will completely lose my shit over it.

Seriously. .. oh holy OMG!

The other side of this is that I am starting to resent it… yeah, hmph.. fucked up. I know. Right? So let’s mix this all together with my anger management issues and what do you end up with? You end up with some UGGGLLLY, crying, snot nosed rants from this confused borderline bitch!

Whew! They aren’t pleasant. And, I never have these plesant conversations with the appropriate person. As if there were an appropriate person to have them with… or as if they were appropriate conversations to have in the “form” of which they end up being spewed so eloquently from my lips….


Where is the damn book of life and how to live in it? Rules maybe? I don’t know… maybe if people were just nice! Yeah, no. I would fail at that myself. Well, damn it all to hell.

Damn it all to hell.  

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