At Last….


Ran into Danger Boy today. Not literally. As much as I would like to… I didn’t. He’s a cop and if I ran into a cop car – that is parked – no less –  I’m sure that given the history of the situation… *shaking my head*  it wouldn’t be good! On the bright side, I would be saving the people some tax dollars because we wouldn’t need to call a separate police officer to make out a report… there would already be one there 🙂 I love how I rationalize things sometimes!

Ok, so theoretically I knew he was probably going to be there which means it wasn’t really a “chance” meeting. But, regardless, I had to be there and so I didn’t have a choice. And… since he was in his car, sitting outside of the school doing his “school security” job (ie; sleeping), I’m sure he didn’t even see me. I say theoretically because after I got him transferred from my school he went to a different school in the district. I just didn’t know where he landed. I had a hunch, but I didn’t want to know. Loads of people wanted to tell me. I just didn’t want to know. I have stalker tendencies and was afraid I’d suddenly morph into one and…. well, Lord knows what a disaster that could turn into…. No, really. I just didn’t want to know. I’m way to chicken to actually stalk someone. I just do it in my head.

Ah… but I turned the corner this morning and there he was in all his glory. I had fully expected goose bump and butterflies as I drove past, but I think the geese flew south and the butterflies died. Which is a very good sign! Maybe I can finally hit “OK” instead of “SNOOZE” this time.

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