Poor, poor, pitiful me…


I have a five day weekend coming up… one of my fellow teachers reminded me of that today.  I reminded her that I don’t ordinarily handle them well. She said, “Oh, Jami, Monday will be here soon!!!” *Big grin* She was sincerely trying to help. They are few and far between,  the good ones, but they exist.

My “best friend” was going to visit her friend – another teacher – today after work.  She’s been on sick leave for about a month.  It would be fair to say she had a nervous breakdown. She’s being treated by a psychiatrist and is in therapy twice a week now. My friend said she’s really happy for her. It dawned on me during this conversation that she has known me through two hospitalizations and outpatient treatments and NOT once has she visited me… We hang out when I “well”. She definitely lets me know when I habe my head up my ass… but, when it is bad… nada.

This is the very same friend who helped me through 2 1/2 years of Danger Boy… hating him and our existence together nearly every waking second of it – only to have a conversation with him the day we finally ended things and refuses to tell me what the converation was about. He worked as a police officer at our school, until that day, twice a week and she would go out of her way to avoid him. That is how much she disliked – until he went to her that day. I don’t quite grasp her sudden allegiance.

I was still drowning today when I  had the realization that she hadn’t found it important enough….. oh, just forget it. This is a huge poor, poor me entry.

But I write them. I’m allowed to. That’s why I come here. I come to write whatever the hell strikes my fancy.

Moving on. Me and my dog! I can count on my dog!

Poor, poor pitiful me…

9 thoughts on “Poor, poor, pitiful me…

  1. I’m sorry your friend isn’t there for you when your not doing well. That sounds pretty messed up to me. I mean I’m sure if she was in your shoes, you’d be there for her. BTW I didn’t know you were a teacher! I suppose you know every math joke? LMAO. xoxo carol anne

    1. Lol… i know a few of ’em. Lol I would try to be there for her for sure. My point, that I probably didn’t make so well, is that she is in my business ALL the time when I screw up – especially making super impulsive decisions – but when I was off trying to recover, like her other friend….. oh well…. mental health just sucks! :/

  2. Yep, I’d rather spend the day with my dog than any friend! I pretty much despite most of my so-called friends and relatives because they all conveniently forgot about me during my hospitalizations.

    Sending a card, making a phone call, or gasp, paying a visit would have gone a long, long way as far as I’m concerned. My pup would never pull any of that bullshit…well, if she was able to use a phone or drive a car! 😉


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