Day 2


 there is absolutely no way to say “i hate my life – fuck off” with this staring at you at 5 in the morning.

… and so my day began and life continues (the life part was not necessarily ever in question) because of Paisley. I’m certain there was some element of God involved. Therapy Man tells me that I can’t continue to question his (God’s) existence and be angry at him at the same time. I suppose he is correct.

I suppose you can’t look at that face and question his existence either.

I just don’t know.

10 thoughts on “Day 2

      1. Yay!!! What did you teach? Wait… it doesnt matter. You survived!

        Definitely checking it out!!!! I love my dog! I can always count her! However, she is a bit slow. My teacher friends think she could use an IEP. :(( I don’t think that is very nice of them to say! She’s just emotional like her momma!

  1. p.s. thanks for following my blog and for your very kind comment!! I’m extra-sluggy today; & no, you’re not alone….I’m even worse than when I wrote my groggylicious post. Seeing Paisley’s sweet face was very therapeutic for this dog-lover!

  2. You have a great blog! I’m really glad I found it… you can do this! You have the right tools! I relate to that post soooo much! I am also very groggy right now. So, you arent alone either! Let’s do this!!!

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