Inner Critics


I have several posts in the back of my mind… I’m currently dealing with 50 things… ok 47,  but I rounded.  This is one issue. I am hard on myself. ★ UNDERSTATEMENT ★ I suppose all the therapy points to something. Yes, yes Jami, it does. However, its fun being stubborn and in constant psychological pain so I prefer to stay like this… ha, no. I’m stubborn, but hate the pain.

Whatever it points to “it” has definitely created a giant asshole for me for sure.  

Moving on….

4 thoughts on “Inner Critics

  1. For a second I thought the ‘ My inner critic is and asshole’ was an award, and was like holy shit, lets see who she nominate for this one. We are our own worst critics, and it’s a fucking hard cycle to break. We’ve done it so long, we believe all the shit, I know I do… therapy to the rescue, one day, baby steps. But your awesome, your honest and your a fighter, that’s my opinion. Good luck.

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