Been awhile…


I am not at this place! Not by a long shot! But its a thought.

Had an appointment with my regular doctor yesterday. He has treated me for my psych stuff in the past. Something came up about borderline and he said that it has been his experience that most borerlines don’t admit that they have it… I can certainly see that. I think that if I don’t grab mine by the throat and accept it and try to “control” (for lack of a much better term) it will kill me.

Moving on…

6 thoughts on “Been awhile…

  1. Its hard sometimes to admit to your diagnosis. I find that with our did and ptsd. borderline pd is such a stigmatising thing. so many people have opinions on people who are borderline and usually they are not to nice. i’m glad your trying to accept your diagnosis, it will stand to you in the long term. xoxo ❤

    1. Oh I’m definitely good with it. Or, not good with it. Again, poor choice of words. It just sucks dealing with it. I’d much rather go up against my bipolar symptoms than the bpd symptoms any day. My family doctor was saying that he’d experienced (limited) very few patients who will even admit that that they are borderline… they have much less trouble with other diagnosises (eek, sp?), but not bpd! He said they will fight that one. Yeah…. I just can’t deal with being nearly 50 and suddenly behaving liking a 16 year old emotionally…. ok, that doesnt make sense…. but… yeah.

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