Wait… For…. It…

I recently bought a lottery ticket. Yes, I did. Ya see the Counting Crows AND Sarah McClachlan both released an album in this decade…

There is a little know genre of music I like to refer to as “the Magical, Lyrical, Musical Genius” Genre and while not too many people would group these two in any other fashion… they would find them under this category FO SHO….

IT NEVER FAILS… I said this when the Crows album was just released, that whenever I am at a HUGE crossroads, the FLY BOYS are there and the NEXT THING I KNOW… Sarah comes crashing through also!!!!!! I was doing CARTWHEELS in my backyard last night! Little Boo was so confused (Little Boo is the basset hound). Maybe it’s a song. Maybe it’s the music. Maybe it’s the way she plays that damn piano! I don’t know, but she’s there. When I feel like NO ONE IS THERE anymore… there she is. Someone has found me again.

I choose this tune. It’s not her best of the album, I’m sure. I haven’t had a chance to get through it completely the way I’d like. It’s difficult to keep headphones in your ears while doing cartwheels and toe touches and such. But this one spoke to me last night… after my therapy session.

More to come, I’m sure.

Over and out …..

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