Truly Brave

How big is YOUR brave?

That’s the question that is hidden this video… Sara Bareilles asks it in the collaboration… I admit it. I’m also a Cyndi Lauper True Colors Fan… ok, ok.. I’m a Cyndi fan… Viewed the video lastnight after they ran a segment about it during football. One of the players’ daughters is in the video. I’m not playing the vid to shame anyone into saying… “ok, my life ain’t so bad (said in my most hideous redneck accent).” Because I never compare experiences. Hell is Hell. Period. I just wonder? I’ve been workin on this idea a lot lately… being Brave and stuff like that.

Had a decent weekend with Big Boo and Little Boo out on the water where I feel the bravest. Thought I’d share some piccies. They are straight from my iPhone 5 – only the best for my wordpress friendsies 🙂


Score one for Little Boo!


Little Awe-Struck….. Love the way my iPhone catches the gloriousness of the moment 🙂




Little Boo decided to test the rapids.. She was none to happy about her decision!

And this is how I watched the day come to an end….. The two loves of my life…. Big Boo is truly a brave one. I wish I could get some of that braveness to wear off on me…. wouldn’t it be nice if it were just that damn easy!


Over and out Peeps….. Let’s try this again for another week. Here’s the kiddos in the video!

11 thoughts on “Truly Brave

      1. oh… yeah… I know better everytime a NEW doc decides it’s my wonder drug, but I still sorta get all giddy inside and think THIS TIME I CAN DO IT… it’s be FUNNNN…. no, no… not fun at all. Hang in there. 🙂

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