the letting go… Melissa Etheridge in the House!

This song speaks to letting go of a lot of things… Someone told me the other day to just be happy and then everyone around me would be happy.


It’s all fixed now and I can move on! Because I am so worried about making everyone else happy. Jesus… I just wanna be happy. lol.

Ok. I know – they don’t get it. But on some level “they” do.

And on some level I wish my head got it like that. Now that I don’t have the “danger boy” around for a distraction I am slowly picking apart the relationship that is a good one. And I will destroy it. I’m in the process of it right now. I can feel it. It’s my head. It’s my head that won’t leave me alone. Thing is there is nothing up there… OK! BE NICE!

My head plays so many tricks on me – it’s crazy.
I get going and I can’t stop.

Before I know it,

hes cheating on me,
and he’s an ass,
and I should be alone,
and I’m moving the Basset Hound and myself out of the Lego Castle!

Done and Done!

It’s seriously that quick!
Fucks me up every time!

Oh, oh, oh…. then, there is the wrestling with the “am I right or am I wrong? Am I just being crazy Jami or is he really cheating” conversation that I have with my head for the next 6 hours after that! Fuck my life!

Letting go….. I wish like hell that I could LET GO of things. Anything. I just can’t. According to my mother I never have been able to. So, it’s back to the books… back to the whole idea of the battlefield and walking away. So! Damn! Hard! to walk away from the battlefield. But this summer, when I was able to…. it felt so nice. Granted I had “Danger Boy” occupying most of my brain at the time…. but, I’m sure I can do it. Now, apparently, I am not at a loss of things to occupy my time on the field… there are obviously still plenty of smelly orcs to fight.

I love me some Melissa tunes! This one is such a good one for so many things!

Gotta get outta my head! Gotta let go of the idea that people are trying to fuck with me all of the time!

Gotta let go! Over and out!

2 thoughts on “the letting go… Melissa Etheridge in the House!

  1. OK..hmmm…well first, ya know I love Melissa and great song! The advice someone gave you not so much.
    “Just be happy and everyone around you will be happy”…ummm are they living in their own dream world? Do they stitch sayings on pillows all day? Because no one, and I do mean no one is happy all the damn time, it is not even natural, and it is not even your job to be other people’s happiness…only your job for yourself. And still you will not be happy all the time.
    Maybe your head does play tricks on you sometimes, and maybe you do fuck things up sometimes bc you are uncomfortable with the “quiet”…ok fine, that is normal for a lot of people..let me add this though…a LOT of people also fuck with other people as well, and are all around general assholes. That is to be considered in the equation.
    Now, I know this makes it hard to sort out your emotions and situations. Which is why you have a great, hot therapist to talk to. šŸ™‚ But do not discount that part in your equation.
    See what I did there, adding your post, and thinking of you. You will get there. Just some thoughts I had. *mad love sista* -alex

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