Optimus Prime

optimus primeOpened my room this morning for my austistic student and asked him to keep an eye on things while I ran some errands…… came back after the bell. I was tardy. Students were in their seats – eh, sort of, – ready to go and I got things started. Turned to the board and THERE HE WAS!!!!

This is the way to start your day! God bless that boy!

I didn’t want to erase it. I wanted him to stay there all day.

I love Transformers. Granted Optimus is a bad guy, but what the hell. It was still an awesome moment for me. For Conner! He even let me take a picture of it AND said it was ok to post on my Facebook! Conner is a tricky one some days. I teach him geometry and he teaches me autism… it’s a give an take. I’ve been teaching 22 years and I will never know enough about special education. If I’d gotten a degree in it I still wouldn’t have known enough to teach it. Especially autistic students 🙂

I don’t have much today. I’m stuck in a gooey, trying-to-figure-out-my-values, space right now. I have been stuck there since my last therapy session. At least I read the damn chapters I was suppose to read. I read the troubleshooting chapters also. They haven’t been so helpful. I don’t know if I’m just not ready to talk about values? Maybe I already have them and just haven’t been formally introduced  to them. Maybe I don’t want to be formally introduced to them!

Besides, I am still currently in my NON-crisis mode. I can only do one thing at a time! Jesus, Therapy-man! I am only one crazy person! The actual Borderline breakdown I had the entire month of August and most of September didn’t kill me or get me locked up – shockingly. So, I feel like I need to concentrate on this NON-crisis so that maybe I can let it get me instead! Sheesh!

**** Ok, incase you missed the sarcasm there……….
Interject it please!!!!! ****

However, unsarcastically (if that’s a word), I would like to escape into Transformerland. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I need a crisis. Maybe that’s it!!! I should become a movie star and then I could just pretend to be in crisis all of the time! Yeah… No… Not an option – no rockin’ hot body and I have a shiiiit memory thanks to the years of happy drugs that have obviously not worked so great.

Now I’m just babbling. And, I’m stalling on those values……

**** mumbling random words that don’t go together ****

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