mixed up good bye and good night…

I love how the Counting Crows sorta dance in and out of lyrics and sound and song the way they do. I love listening to them for the first time. They ALWAYS come out with a new album (yes, I still call them albums) whenever I’m going through something new in my life. They just came out with Somewhere Under Wonderland on September 2nd. And… it does not disappoint.

The lyrics below are from a song called Possiblity Day and it’s sooo great. Good days and bad days and making them what we can or can’t… the … well, yeah… possibility of every day and what, I suppose, we make them. I did include the video because I effing love the Crows and their music and their sound and the way they twist themselves around everything they do. Lyrics don’t do them justice…

Possibility Days

It was a cold 3am at JFK
I guess you stayed cause you wanted to stay
We went from zero to everything all in a day
And then Kennedy took you away

I thought of a short
Road that was keeping you warm
And the moments
That make up your life till you wake up

You sit on a swing in the dark with the girl
She tells you she wanted to kiss you and
You know that the worst part of a good day
Is hearing yourself say good-bye
to one more possibility day

That goes on

and on

I’d go west but your weather has changed
Your just scared I’d mistake it for strange
When you want me to leave then
you start to believe I should stay
I’ve got to get out of LA

It seems like the short days are over
You just don’t sleep in the daylight
So I don’t sit up nights
I lay on my back on top of the hill and your body
Is breaking the sky.. cause your shaking

And the worst part of a good day
Is knowing it’s slipping away
that’s one more possibility day…
that is gone.

We were waiting for winter this year
But you came and it never appeared
Me and you we’ve known too many reasons
For people and seasons that pass
Like they weren’t even here

Now living in smiles is better you say
We carry the burdens of all of our days
So I’m scared that you’ll leave
You’re scared that I’ll stay
Its an impossibility day

And we only saw half the ballet

 I said good night, good bye
Seems like a good thing
So you know its a good lie
You can run out of choices
And still hear a voice in your head
When you’re lying in bed

And it says that the best part of a bad day
Is knowing its ok
The color of everything changes
The sky rearranges its shade
And your smile doesn’t fade
Into a phone call
from one bad decision we’ve made

And the worst part of a good day
Is the one thing you don’t say
And you don’t know how but you
Wish there was some way
And you pull down the shades
And you shut out the light
Because somehow we mixed up
Good bye and good night
And you one thing you won’t say
Is everyone knows
possibility days
are impossible

It just feels wrong..
so wrong
Still you’re gone…
long gone

31 thoughts on “mixed up good bye and good night…

    1. I like to refer to myself as “the lyric” queen… have gotten away from it to throw myself a pitty party lately… still throwing confetti but the Crows are doing their damnedest to pull me out of! Thank God!

  1. Wow. Just Wow. I have always liked the Counting Crows and this album is no exception. I relate to song lyrics, as well, a LOT, but the music adds something for me… I can feel the words come to life and that is what makes them real to me.
    BTW, what were they called before “albums”? Will anyone even know what an “album” is in 100 years from now? What was it called a 100 years ago??? See, now, y’all have got my mind buzzing and I’m going to have to go “google” it…. what was googling it before googling it? Okay, now I am just being a weird english nerd. I am leaving before I say anything else ridiculous…
    Lovely post!

    1. Lol I teach high school and the kids don’t know whay albums are. My dad, who is 80 calls them LPs. I think we looked tings up in encyclopedias… lmao. Nothing at all ridiculous!

      And, yes, this is one of my favorite Counting Crows!

  2. WTF? Albums..what other name is there right? I agree..and Counting Crows kill….sadly I was not aware they newly released one..fuck me…I came to you…CC is gathering herself to reply to her blog comments..how you doin girl?

      1. That is good. I thought you were commenting like how I told you to just randomly comment if you needed something. Lol. Glad u r doing better, sorry I can’t yank you 🙂

      2. Air punch would awesome! Hugs work. Just in that funk I guess. Spinning in the drama. Looking from some deep meaning I guess… The search for meaning keeps me in it. Otherwise I guess I really just have to accept that I have to let go of some that was actually very simple and meaningless.

  3. Girl..you are cracking me the fuck up..and WP takes forever to give notifications…if you ever wanna do some offsite way to talk we can..idk we had one girl ask…we got anonymous ones…that are easy..she just wanted to do fb..figured it was ok as we do not know her at all…but this is cool too….but I will give you or whoever you want an airpunch…yours would be nice of course and you a hug..and we can search for meaning… 🙂

  4. OK do you want me to tell you our fake account name or link it on here…so you can friend that one with your real name..and then we can message you or friend however yours is set up with our real name…to our real account?

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