Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award


I never imagined myself in a sisterhood of anything… this is a great honor.  As I prepared this and the last post, I realized what a mess of emotion I wasted on unimportant things in the last month. That I put aside these nominations for nothing… for a struggle that has been in my life one way or another since… well, forever. No exaggeration. If I had only been strong enough to hold onto these pieces of my life instead.  I worked all summer on Acceptance Commitment Therapy… allowing the battle to play on without me and living my life as it played on. In the end, I stepped in. Went head to head with the smelly orcs. I put aside these good things and chose the battle instead.  I lost.  Or won by losing? The jury is still out on that one.  The fog is still clearing. 

But PEOPLE look what I could have been enjoying instead. The love… So, here I am. A bit late, but still here to say thank you and look here at these great ladies! Sisters of the bloggersphere!

Thank you ccchanel41. Alex, you are a true sista! I have learned so much from you. Most of all to always carry a large bottle of Axe with me where I travel. Please, friends, do not miss out on this blog! My words can not begin to do it justice.  Just go. 

Funny that there are rules to follow…. but there are. I’m horrible with rules. 

Thank and link the person who nominated you πŸ™‚
Add the award to your post and site.
Answer 10 questions provided to by the person nominating you.
Provide 10 questions of your own to be answered by those you nominate. 
Nominate your bloggers for the award.

My ten questions were:

1) Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning for sure! But!!! Weird fact for the day!!! Green tea – very warm will calm a panic attack. Just found that out last winter.  Couldn’t believe it. 

2) Jeans or sweats? If possible, sweats all day!!!!!

3) Something I can’t live without. Probably my connection to the outside world or music.  There is a very fine line there.  Being alone scares the hell out of me.

4) Country, small town, or big city. Definitely country – with water.

5) Favorite type of music. I can’t do opera. I love live music. I’m not sure I have a favorite.  It’s a mood thing.

6) Rap or Romeo or Juliet? Neither….. I can’t follow Shakespeare. 😦

7) Vegan or Meat and Potatoes?  I’m a meat and potato gal.

8) Do I have a best friend? I think so.

9) Facebook?  For now.

10) Favorite place to travel? Anywhere with water, a boat and my dog πŸ™‚

My questions:
1) What makes you happiest?
2) Jeans or sweats?
3) Indoors or outdoors?
4) What’s your favorite movie or book or cartoon?
5) Do you have a hero? If so, please share.
6) Dog or Cat or other?
7) Small town or big city?
8) Favorite music?
9) If you could do anything what would you do?
10) What would you ask me if you could? 


Msmonsterful is a must Sister of the Traveling Blog. She does everything! Welcome Darling!

Tin@scribbles is a must read… poetry, short stories… all quite awesome! Plese enjoy!

Izzy. Love the honestyin this girl’s blog.  Hope she gets back soon.

Busted  Up Blogger.  Nothing busted up here.  Makes grest sense to me. Love this blog!

Learningtobebipolar has figured it out in  my opinion. Not that wewnt to figure it out. .. but, I’m just saying that this is a great sight. She is set and ready to take this stuff on! You go girl!!!

Obviously NO ONE is obligated to do anything. .. just know that you have been recognized and are special to me.  Also, people might check your blog out if you approve the link. 

Ok… think that’s all I’ve got.  Over and out….

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