Moving on?


Ok…. maybe it’s personal.  Yeaah… it’s prolly personal.

I am really out there right now.  If I wrote for real I think you’d all need a translator.  Good news is that the therpaist, Adonis, is back from vacation.  I have locked him in his office and he will not be taking vacations ever again.  Nor will he see his family… tough break, therapy man.  Price ya have to pay when you are both amazingly good at your job and have a fruit loop for a patient like me.

Ok, no I did not lock him in his office. Gees… his kids start school this week.  I wanted him to have that moment.  And, no I didn’t threaten him.  He’d already tossed around the idea of a safety contract and so I decided not to push it.  BUT! I did let him know that it was extremely inconvenient of him to go be on vacation when I was having a slight breakdown. He didn’t seem phased at all.  Creep.

However, to keep things on the up and up… the lego is for the asshole who broke my heart… not the therapist.

Are we good? Still with me? I should stop here.  Have a blessed day everyone… haha… ahhhhh.  I’m going to grab my regularly prescribed xanax and try for another successful day of geometry education in the Indiana Public School System.  No worries.  Ill be fine. So will the kiddies.

Over and out.

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