just say it…

“Why did you cheat on your wife?” She asked.

“Is there a good answer to that question?” He replied.

And, she said back. “I think I just got one.”

That’s a scene from an HBO show called The Leftovers. The wife lost her husband. She found out that when he was with her he cheated on her. She’d never gotten a chance to ask him why. So, she asked this other guy….. that’s what he had for her.

Sometimes it’s best to just give what ya got. Don’t think about it. Don’t make up crap… just say it. Because, sometimes it’s the most honest of responses that makes the most sense and helps heal the pain the best or at least helps make sense of the pain the best.

That’s it… All I’ve got… Over and Out.

One thought on “just say it…

  1. It’s good advice actually, so I have to agree with you. Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty but it can be much more helpful than a sweet looking lie. Of course, telling the truth isn’t always so easy. I’m still working on that bit.

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