no talkie!

well… he didn’t “Dear John” me… (see last post – which I am not techie enough to link).

I really thought he would because, you see, I read minds and that’s what I thought he was going to do!

My therapist tells me I suck at mindreading. I don’t listen to him. I keep trying. Maybe I don’t listen to him because HE is actually talking to me.

Seriously… growing up in my house my mom was always locked in the den – so she never talked. My sister (violently) hated me and so I avoided her at all cost  – thus, no talkie! And, my dad was busy working all the time and I never saw him….. so, you guessed it! All I had was mind reading.

What’s for dinner? Hmmm… Let. Me. Guess.

It was a way of life.

When it’s all ya got… it’s all ya do.

It would seem that I am under the impression that other people are expected to read MY mind as well. And… I get very pissy when they aren’t very good at it! Which, by the way, no one seems to be!!! Shocking!!! Like they should be (said with EXTREME sarcasm).

Mostly, I just want people to talk to me – use their words. I’d appreciate it if they could be honest at the same time. That’s always a good thing – honesty. But, I’ll start with just your basic communicating. I can weed through the words myself – over and over – because that’s what I do. I’ll make up what I don’t hear anyway… 🙂

I am so hopeless.

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