Kudos to Meds…. for a change

Wrote the other day about going to the doctor and being worried about asking for a med review. She reviewed them…. and, happily, I think it may have worked. Yep… I know we spend a lot of time talking about how meds suck and doctors suck and this disease (these diseases) sucks and OH THEY SO DO! I just thought maybe I’d write something about how, at least temporarily, I’ve found some relief……. YAY… *bounce* *skip* *bounce* …. yes, even, *smile*

I have no idea how long it will last, but I don’t care. I don’t take that for granted anymore. Any amount of relief is greatly appreciated. I’m not swallowed up at the moment and I’ll take that moment. Thank you very much! I’m not spinning… circling the nasty drain I haven’t been able to clean in months… I’m off the carnival ride for a moment. I can enjoy my elephant ear and all of it’s glorious powdered sugar! So, damn it I’m gonna do that!

Enjoy your day. I’m sure I’ll be back… not enjoying mine…… spinning down the drain again.

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