it’s just spinning and spinning and spinning…

In approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes I see my psychiatrist which means I have exactly that much time to figure out how to get across to her that my head is spinning and spinning and spinning and won’t slow down and if it continues to behave like this I will not be able to continue….. Basically, I feel as though I will cease to exist.

Here’s the problem. I’m going to a psychiatrist…. need I say more? Sometimes they listen and sometimes they don’t… it’s a crapshoot really.  I’ve been seeing psychiatrists for 20+ years. While I’ve been lucky, I’m still the crazy one and for whatever reason… they aren’t always receptive to listening to what I need… However, she’s a new one maybe it won’t be so difficult. Along with Bipolar meds I’ve been on ADHD for the spinning in the past… She took over my case not too long ago after my most recent stay in the local Mental Health Resort and at the time she didn’t want to complicate my new meds. Frankly, I was on board with that. At this point, I am no longer on board with that! Unfortunately I’m not sure if she will listen to me when I say I cannot continue to “spin round, round baby round, round” because it’s killing me!

I now have 35 minutes to come up with something convincing…

6 thoughts on “it’s just spinning and spinning and spinning…

  1. I’m also dealing with psych professionals and med issues at the moment … it’s incredibly frustrating isn’t it?

    What are you trying to get/do with your meds? What would you like your psych to prescribe?

    1. I’m not really trying to do anything to radical. My head has just been “full” lately. I have been on ADHD Meds in the past and wondered if that was the issue. As it turns out, she did listen and decided we’d try increasing my bipolar Meds for now. I was pleasantly surprised that she listened. 🙂

      1. That’s great news. I am currently waiting to see my psychiatrist but have no idea how to approach the subject of meds without coming off as demonstrating drug-seeking behaviour… Which I am, just not in the way he will probably think.

      2. That’s what upsets me the most. Why is it that all mental health patients are drug seekers. Makes me so angry. I wish I had advice for you but that’s what I was struggling with.

  2. I have told them that I am downing alcohol like an (alcoholic) banshee but that just makes them push me to stop drinking… It’s the only thing I have that is taking the edge off/calming me down. Meds would help.

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