A moment of silence from the dark side…


*Disclamer: This has zero to do with depression. It’s just a moment in my ordinary life. I’ll get back to the darker side of things later.*

I was shopping at the local fishing/hunting store yesterday with my man, when I stumbled upon this rubbery, foam turkey with a hole underneath it. So I put it on my head. Basically… because I could. And I thought to myself, this would make a really could hat to wear out hunting… great camouflage. Mind you, I am NOT a hunter. I do watch Duck Dynasty. I saw the turkey hunting episode. But no, not hunter and common sense isn’t always on my side. So I trotted on over to my fishing/hunting savvy boyfriend and I said… yes, I verbalized the thought… wouldn’t this be a cool hat to wear hunting? The look on his face pretty much was enough, but he continued to informed me that, to his knowledge, more guys get killed/injured turkey hunting than any other type of hunting and that’s without wearing turkey hats like mine…. and, that it wasn’t a hat… it was a decoy. I promptly put it back where it sits in this picture and moved on. I don’t think I should ever hunt… I’ll stick to fishing. 

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