Sweet Detachment

So take my hand
and jump over this mess
this is a fairy tale
and you’re the damsel in distress
cross the river to the other side
I promise you that it’s nicer here
take your hands from your face
don’t hide
There is no reason for your fear
no reason for your fear…
– Alex Preston, Fairy Tale

Ah yes, the lyric queen has returned.

Sometimes I wonder if when I am actually beginning to feel normal (there’s the word again) I purposely seek out lyrics that bring me back to my place of detachment. Who does that? Who wants to actually detach from normal? Who fears normal?


Sweet detachment…. And off I go… to avoid the feelings inside that make it hard to breath…
the feelings that make me so angry I can’t function in my classroom….
the feelings that make it impossible to carry on a normal relationship with a man who finally treats me the way I deserve.
Are all of these things “normal”? I am told that they are… so, I fear these things… I fear normal.

Off I go to the sweet comfort of detachment. While it wouldn’t seem like a fantasy world and I am certainly no damsel in distress… It serves the same purpose. It takes me away. And, it takes ME to the place where I am accustomed to… The place where I AM comfortable.

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